Trivalent treatment for the resolution of scalp and hair anomalies. with hemp seed oil.
Dermatologically tested.

A triple action treatment, an intensive, original and exclusive formula based on innovation and active complexes capable of strengthening the stem and maintaining the skin perfectly healthy. Specific for the hygiene of the skin and hair, coadjutant in prevention of the main anomalies of the scalp: LOSS OF HAIR – RE-EQUILIBRATOR ANTIGREASE – ANTIDANDRUFF. The amino acid complex, Cysteine – Ornithine – Biotin – Methionine, allows strengthening the structure of the hair preventing the loss.

3 ACTION GREEN_Active_Plus_Treatment_100ml


A fluid capable to cleanse and regenerate the hair skin improving its micro-circulation, the product contains highly purifying, tonic and reinvigorating substances to reinforce the stem which is subject to weakening. The amino acid complex, Cysteine-Ornithine-Biotin-Methionine, allows to strengthen the structure of the hair preventing the loss. The presence of natural extracts of Rosemary which are stimulating, toning and energizing allow to improve the micro-circulation of the hairskin giving oxygen to the hair bulb and reducing the quantity of dandruff with fluidization of the sebaceous accumulations.

Directions: apply to dry hair, 10 ml of product in continuous lines, 5 cm distance between one and another. Delicately massage, leave for 2 minutes. Rinse hair thoroughly

Format: 75 ml / 200 ml

3 ACTION GREEN_Active_Plus_Shampoo_250ml


Soothing shampoo, treating and normalizing for a delicate action. The use of a particular amino acid complex capable of developing a strong action against loss of hair, strengthening, giving elasticity and regulating sebum permits counteracting hair loss making its structure stronger, increasing its resistance and regulating the production of excess sebum. The presence of vitamin E and vitamin PP provides the product with an elevated anti-inflammatory and antioxidant power.

Directions: apply to wet hair a sufficient quantity of shampoo. Delicately massage. Rinse thoroughly.

Format: 250 ml

3 ACTION GREEN_Active_Plus_Lotion_100ml


Original and exclusive intensive lotion “Dermatologically Tested': based of thioderived compounds with elevated sebum regulating and purifying properties, capable of restoring the correct production of sebum and allowing a deep cleansing of the scalp. lt contains an innovative mineralizing complex which hydrates, protects and strengthens the stem increasing the natural protection against external elements, preventing hair loss. The presence of vitamin E and vitamin F and Menthol gives the product an elevated anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and refreshing power.

Directions: distribute the product directly to the cutis and massage delicately, to help the penetration, until it is completely absorbed. Do not rinse.

Format: 100 ml




Composed of:
Active Plus Treatment 100 ml
Active Plus Shampoo 250 ml
Active Plus Lotion 100 ml

All the information about the application can be found on the informative leaflet.