Special nutrient treatment rich in protein and keratin amino acids to revitalize and protect the keratin fiber of the hair during the technical service: coloring, bleaching and perm. An immediate result to actively support a deep integration of the hair structure, regenerating and rebuilding the keratin bonds.
An evolution of the technical service in hair salons, which guarantees an immediate restoration of the natural health of the hair and simultaneously ensures a prevention of the chemical treatments.
The ease of application and the instant effectiveness of the treatment NUTRIKER, makes it an indispensable service that does not change the traditional working methods, ensuring exceptional results.
Three products for an amazing result: NUTRICOMPLEX (1) – NUTRIBATH (2) – NUTRICREAM (3)
The great advantage of the treatment NUTRIKER is the respect of the compatibility with the technical treatments (alkaline), with no risks of affecting the result. The alkaline pH of NUTRICOMPLEX, in fact, ensures the compatibility with all the technical treatments used in hair salons. Thereafter NUTRIBATH and NUTRICREAM, due to their acidic pH, act on the closure of the flake, compacting the cuticle and safeguarding the result of the treatment.



protein complex that protects and restores the keratin fibers during chemical treatments (coloring, bleaching, perm, etc.). pH 8-9

It contains PROTEIN AND KERATIN AMINO ACIDS with balanced molecular weight, that pass through the molecular structure of the hair and penetrate deep into the cortex, resuming keratin bonds. It also contains biological JOJOBA OIL that gives shine.

Directions: add the required amount of product in the mixture and proceed to the technical treatment desired.

coloring: add 5 ml of product per 150 ml of mixture (eg. Mixing ratio 1:2 = 5ml product + 50 ml color + 100 ml oxidant / mixing ratio 1:1 = 5ml product + 75 ml color + 75 ml oxidant). For higher mixture add product proportionally.

bleaching: add 5 ml of product per 150 ml mixture (eg. 5ml product + 50 g bleach + 100 ml oxidant). For higher mixture add product proportionally.

Perm: add 5 ml of product per 100 ml of perm.

Format: 250ml



purifying acid bath that gently cleanses the scalp and the hair, improving the structure and the tone. Especially designed to enhance the effects of the treatment. pH 4-5

It contains keratin complex and the latest generation of polymers to integrate the reconstruction of the keratin fibers. It also contains delicate surfactants compatible with the technical treatments. SLES / SLS free. PARABEN free.

Directions: after the treatment NUTRICOMPLEX (1), apply NUTRIBATH (replacing the shampoo), massage gently and rinse thoroughly

Format: 500ml



intensive nourishing cream that synergistically acts with the other products to restore the health of the keratin fibers, giving the hair a healthy and strong look. pH 3-4

In addition to PROTEIN and KERATIN MINO ACIDS, it contains organic argan oil that, thanks to its strong restructuring action, protects and nourishes the hair.

Directions: after the treatments NUTRICOMPLEX (1) and NUTRIBATH (2), apply NUTRICREAM on damp hair with the help of a comb. Leave on for 10-15 minutes and rinse.

Format: 500 ml